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Pickering Ontario

Beginning the investigation

Searching for people

The case in a nutshell

The evidence from the marina

The official search begins

The surveillance recording

Who are the lost boys?

The marinas and the vessels

Side scan search cancelled

Sightings not followed up

Recovered gas tank

Sister Marinas

The red pants fiasco

Potential drug involvement

Anomalies in ATIP process

TPS - Marine Unit

Post-disappearance sightings

Theories about disappearance

Publicity of case

Conclusions/ Suppositions

One of the most anticipated books of 2022 is Lost Boys of Pickering - What we know and What we believe. 


Based on 12 years of investigative work, Private Investigator Bruce Ricketts has compiled hundreds of pages of police documentation, dozens of photographs and one very crucial surveillance video recording connected to this perplexing case.  He augments that with many hours of interviews with people connected to the case.

This book is in its final stage of development.  It will be available in October 2022.

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