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Found the issue on the Facebook page

Over the past few weeks I have not been able to post to the Lost Boys Facebook page. I asked the administrators, on a number of occasions, for a reason. I was ignored. When I made a post to my personal page, which is followed by the administrators, a post appeared on the Lost Boys page essentially accusing me of bad faith with respect to my new book.

I have since had a number of persons accuse me of not having permission to write the book. There are a number of comments I would like to make on this.

I want to make sure that everyone understands the situation with the Boyle sisters and the Lost Boys FB page. I have involved the families as often as I could during this investigation. The reason for the book is that, due to the way FB works, there was no logic to the way this case was being perceived. I tried, through the new website, to set things right, but felt that the book would be a good addition. The book is based on my research and interviews with a great number of people including most of those included in the book. Some, I was not able to reach or even find but their involvement was confirmed through research. Often the confirmation came from the Boyle sisters themselves.

All this to say that I did not need anyone's permission to write the book. Everything in the book is in the public domain or voluntarily provided to me through my conversations. Anything which was told to me or sent to me in confidence has not seen the light of day from me.

I kept the families in the loop whenever possible. What they know in 2022 is far and away more than what they knew in 2010 or 1995 and this is due largely to my research. I have all the respect for the families and have been honoured to support them over the past 12 years.

I saw the Lost Boys FB post. I hope that they were not referring to me when they stated that an admin, of which I was one until recently, had deleted posts and messages. It is unfortunate that they do not understand how FB works. If I responded to a message, I waited for a reply for a bit and them moved the message to the Archives. Any message I moved to the Archive is still available to the admins. The one time I blocked anyone was a poster from California who was becoming abusive. And when I did, I informed Siobhan who agreed with me.

It is interesting that over night they removed their own post without giving me an opportunity to respond.

I am disappointed with this turn of events and apologize if there is any conflict created with the Boyles but they have to know that I have had nothing but the welfare of the families in mind as I have worked this case over the past 12 years.

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