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I am exhausted

If you look at the Facebook page for the Lost Boys or my personal page (, you will know that I have been embroiled with an issue with the sisters of Jay Boyle. They make quite a few accusation against me because I wrote the Lost Boys book.

I want to make four points and then put this fiasco behind me.

  1. I did not need written consent from everyone mentioned in the book. In the 12 years I have worked on this case, every person mentioned has been communicated with (if they were available) by me and any statement or action attributed to then is documented.

  2. If any person came forward with confidential information, that confidence has been maintained by me.

  3. If anyone thinks that I started on this case to make money better look up the meaning of the term pro bono.

  4. Any "profit" from the sale of the book goes toward the investigation. And, yes, I am continuing with the investigation.

Anyone who purchases the book or who supports the case will receive a periodical update on the case. The first one has already gone out.

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