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Is there an alternative explanation for this case?

There is no evidence that the boys stole a boat and went out on the lake. The only thing that ties the boys to the marina is the videotape. But it does not tell us any more than three of the boys were at the marina at 01:48.

People sleeping in the marina did not hear anything until after 02:00 when they heard a motor on the lake. Considering the mayhem that DRPS says was caused by the boys, how is it possible they made no appreciative noise?

Police concluded that six boys went into the lake and died of hypothermia. How is it that nothing was found after 28 years? True, a body could sink to the bottom of the lake and not surface for several reasons, but what are the chances that none of the six bodies would surface?

Is there an alternate explanation?

There is if you open up to other circumstances.

What if the boys were met at the marina by drug smugglers or other criminals? That is not to say that they had a rendezvous planned but they could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What if they were murdered and buried, either in water or on land? We know that there were places where biker gangs disposed of bodies in the 1990s. We also know that there are waterways around the Pickering area that could be used to hide bodies. I am thinking of the Rouge River, the marsh area in Fisherman’s Bay, and Krosno Creek.

I am not a great believer in psychics, but I have noticed over the years that more than a few psychics, in their reading on this case, have referred to the boys being in the water. That could refer to the lake or a river, a bay, or a creek.

Could the boys be weighed down in some way? Or are they buried?

Is it possible that not all the boys were lost on the night? A man was spotted in West Virginia in 2001 with a CUJO tattoo, like one sported by Danny Higgins. The fact that the red Levis, found in Niagara and described by an NRPS officer in 1998, so closely matched those of Jay Boyle, is a coincidence that cannot be ignored.

What about the boat? To where did it disappear? Is it just a coincidence that there was a major fire at the West Rouge Beach Canoe Club less than a week after the boys disappeared? Did DRPS search there for the missing boat before the fire? A DRPS report on the fire stated that the only boat shells found were charred remains of aluminum boats. But the imitation Boston Whaler was fibre glass and Styrofoam which could be totally consumed in the fire, which the DRPS report states gutted the building.

How do we prove or disprove these theories?

In the next update, we will explore what needs to be done next. What do we need from the police, both Durham and Niagara? What do we need from the Ontario Coroner? What else do we need?

Remember that our goal is not to solve the case. We don't have access, at this time, to enough information to do that. Our goal is to force police and the coroner to reinvestigate the case using fresh and unblinkered eyes.

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