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After 12 years of investigating the case of the Lost Boys of Pickering, I decided to take what I know and what I believe and put it into a book. The book is called Lost Boys of Pickering - What we know and What we believe. It will be going on pre-sale in September. It will ship in November.

The contents include: Forward Introduction Beginning the investigation My search for people The case in a nutshell Evidence from the marina The official search begins The surveillance recording Who were the lost boys? The marinas and the vessels Side scan search cancelled Sighting not followed up The recovered gas tank Sister Marinas The red pants fiasco Potential drug involvement Anomalies in the ATIP process Toronto Police Service - Marine Unit Post-disappearance sightings Theories about disappearance Publicity of case Conclusions

The book is chock full of pictures, maps, documents and video clips, all from the files I have collected over the past 12 years.

The book will cost $30 CAD and, until 30 September, shipping will be included.

You can reserve your copy starting 5 September on our website:

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