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The Krosno Creek artifacts

I did more research into the artifacts I located on Google Earth. For those not aware, there is a "Historical" feature on GE that allows one to see the area of interest at certain times that are captured in the GE database.

I focused on the area near the beach where I saw the artifacts and then, using the feature, I scanned past dates. The result is that the image currently on GE is from June 2019. I scanned backward to May 2018 where two of the artifacts can be seen nearest the lower centre of the image (they look greyish). Then I scanned forward to April 2023, this month, where the area is very heavily overgrown and nothing is visible.

So, what does this mean? We need to take a close look at the target area not just from the land side but also from the water side. The artifacts could have been raised from the creek bed by ice thawing in the spring and, over time, could have been lost in the overgrowth.

If anyone knows someone with a boat who would willing to look drop me a line at Also, we could use a diver and side-scan sonar. Any takers? I'd do it myself, but my diving days are over.

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