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The Great Plane Robbery

   Richard Landry is suspected by authorities of masterminding a daring and puzzling airplane robbery.  An eight-year chase by a detective, which began in Ottawa, Canada, and ended in Brazil, comes to a very satisfying ending… by for whom?  Oh, did we forget to mention that Landry is also accused of the murder of a Brinks Security agent, who was also his girlfriend?


   Paddy Mitchell was the leader of the notorious “Stopwatch Gang”.  He was regarded as North America’s most famous and most successful bank robber.  He was also the most likeable.  At the time he was caught and convicted, in 1994, he was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.  He died in prison in 2006 but before his passing, he successfully smuggled out a manuscript which he described as the heist he always wanted to carry out.


   The Great Airplane Robbery is the heist of a lifetime by the master of the heist.


The Great Plane Robbery