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Concerning the missing boat

Throughout the public portion of the investigation, many persons have asked about and speculated about the boat that was stolen from the East Shore marina.  The intent of this page is to address the issues with facts and documentation. 


Note:  All images are drawn from a video posted on the Boston Whaler website. See: (


In short, we will address the following questions:

1.  What is a Boston Whaler?

2.  Was the stolen boat a true Boston Whaler?

3.  In what condition was the boat?

4.  What happened to the boat?

5.  Any theories?

What is a Boston Whaler?

The Boston Whaler was the brainchild of Dick Fisher, an American living close to Boston.  He set out to design and build a stable and unsinkable boat that anyone could afford and enjoy.  To make it stable he introduced a triple hull as opposed the more commonly used single or double hull.  To make it unsinkable, he made a sandwich of two layers of fiberglass and resin/Gelcoat and filled it completely with a high-density, non-absorbent foam.  The first production model was released in the 1960s.


Was the stolen boat a true Boston Whaler?

The short answer is no.  It was an imitation design.  It is not clear who made the boat and whether he/she took the same care in design and build as a true Whaler, but, according to an interview with DRPS, Bob Evans, the manager of the East Shore marina, it was well built.

Was the boat in good condition?

According to Bob Evans, the boat had a pinhole in the hull which allowed water to seep in, but was not a danger.  It also had a few cracks and blemishes, but again, not a danger.

What happened to the boat?

That is the hundred-thousand-dollar question.  Bob Evans testified that the boat would sink over time, but not too soon.  Another marina worker stated that given the currents and conditions the boat should have ended up in Rochester, NY.  Neither the boat nor even the wreckage of the boat was ever reported as recovered.

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